Concrete Path Walks

Random Tales on Concrete Path walks

Rarely there is a straight way.

The many stories path walks tell. (Photo Credits)

If path walks can just talk then these are the stories that they will tell. Concrete

In Brazil, a man lifted a car that is blocking the pedestrian way, as featured over at “This mysterious pedal-pusher, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, has had enough of car owners who don’t respect cyclists, so he simply lifts a parked car out of his path. Reddit did some investigating into the car (as per usual) and found it was a Fiat Uno, a car known to be relatively light. The vehicle boasts a curb weight, or the total weight of a car without occupants, of approximately 1,600 pounds, according to So this particular strongman cyclist was most likely deadlifting a couple hundred pounds.”

Watch the video here.

Newborn along a path walk?

CNN featured meanwhile, a story on a newborn who have been buried alive in a walking path in California. American Society of Concrete Contractors   

“The crying coming from under a block of asphalt sounded like it was from a cat to Angelica Blount. But it turned out to be an abandoned baby that police say was deliberately buried under debris along a Los Angeles area walking path.”

Check out the news report here.

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Turning into something more pleasant, Mid West Living meantime shared ways on how to make a path walk in your own home’s garden.

“A garden path can issue an enticing invitation to backyard visitors, or just provide a convenient route for plant maintenance. Whatever its use, a well-designed and well-built path will enhance the livability and functionality of any home garden, says Steve Rodie, landscape horticulture specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.”

Know about the many ways here.

Do you have a path walk story?

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