Concrete 101

All about Concrete


Concrete Facts. (Photo Credits)

Concrete is a widely used building material of the modern time. It is resilient, it is easy to clean, it is efficient. Concrete  

The website Architect Magazine published a brief history of the concrete.   National Ready Mix Concrete Association

“One small niche of the residential market was the use of textured concrete block designed to simulate stone. This material hit its peak of popularity around 1910​, and it preceded the larger production of concrete block and was marketed as a do-it-yourself material. With a few molds and a concrete mixer​, an individual could go into business. Sears Roebuck & Co. was an early marketer of the equipment to make these concrete blocks.”

Read more here.   

Trivia, Trivia

Slideshare meanwhile provided six facts that ordinary people may not know about concrete.

“Making one tonne of cement requires two tonnes of raw material”

Read the rest of the amazing facts here.

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Curbed also shared a post on historical trivia about concrete. “While precursors to concrete can be found back in Roman times (the term comes from the Latin word concretus, meaning compact or condensed), the modern version was developed in the 18th and 19th centuries. British bricklayer Joseph Aspdin applied for a patent for Portland cement, named after an island near Dorset where it was quarried, in 1824. Initially, architects and engineers didn’t show much interest in the material. Ordinary builders and contractors were the first to pick it up and start experimenting.”

Read the rest of the post here.

So there goes concrete information on concrete.

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